Travsafe® Permanent Horizontal Lifeline System


travsafe® / travflex® horizontal lifelines (HLL) are engineered and designed as a complete hands free fall protection system used on buildings where there are no parapets or in industrial environments where a fall hazard exists.

The dual cable system permits the traveler to operate hands-free while staying continuously engaged for the entire length of the system. Entry and exit point options are available which permit the operator to easily enter the system anywhere along the line as required.

The Travsafe® horizontal lifeline system provides a permanent engineered solution to your fall protection needs. These permanent systems are designed and installed by Travsafe® certified
representatives and have custom designed solutions to meet the site-specific requirements. Travsafe® is a hands free system that allows up to 7 users (maximum if conditions allow) simultaneously.
The systems can be designed to allow unhindered travel for unlimited distances with out the need to disconnect and reconnect at the anchorages.
The Travsafe® twin wire rope horizontal lifeline system provides for smooth travel compared to single line systems. The twin wire ropes allow the traveller to sit true and move freely over the intermediate anchors, minimizing wear and eliminating user assistance. The user’s hands remain free to accomplish whatever task is required.

• building maintenance (rooftops with out guardrails or
• aircraft hangers (overhead systems to service the top of the
fuselage and wings)
• bridges and viaducts
• oil and gas installations
• distribution facilities
• overhead cranes
• industrial plants

Applicable standards:
• OSHA, ANSI, CSA and Provincial occupational health and
safety acts and regulations
Compatible personal fall protection equipment also required
• full-body harness
• shock-absorbing lanyard or self-retracting device

The Travsafe® wire rope
The Travsafe® wire rope is available in two types. Galvanized wire rope is intended for occasional use under moderate conditions. Stainless steel wire rope is recommended when frequent use of the system is planned or it is located in a severe climate.
• 5⁄16 in. (8.3 mm) galvanized steel wire rope
• 5⁄16 in. (8.3 mm) stainless steel wire rope
Travsafe® installation
The anchors can be mounted to ceilings, wall or floors. A Travsafe® system can incorporate a combination of these mounting methods if designed and installed properly.
When mounted to the wall, a 4 to 6 ft. (1.2 to 1.8 m) distance from the floor is considered optimum.
When mounted to the ceiling, a maximum height of 60 feet (20m) between the user and Travsafe® system is recommended when using retractable lanyards. If you are using lifelines and with rope grabs, greater heights are achievable.
When mounted to the floor, it is recommended to place the system clear of the work area yet close enough to aid in the reduction of additional dynamics on the system as this configuration almost always results in higher loading


Fall arrest, Framing & Roofing, Industry

Technical Specifications

• The twin lines ensure smooth hands free travel over anchors
and around corners.
• When a fall occurs, the traveller’s jaws close tightly around
the lines
• The Travsafe® system contains relatively few components
when compared to other systems
• The system can be supplied with stainless steel or aluminum
anchorage and stainless steel or galvanized wire rope.
• The system can be secured to walls, floors or ceilings
• The system has a large tolerance. Anchors can be offset and
travel remains smooth.
• When properly designed and installed, the system meets all
OHSA, ANSI and CSA requirements