Ensuring a safe work environment across industries


With the latest industrial boom in the country, there has been an ever-increasing need for safety provisions in high-demand sectors. Employees from industries like Construction, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage sectors are often found in a high-risk environment. In such a situation, it becomes the employers’ responsibility to provide for a safe and sustainable work-environment. Occupational safety not only helps employees confidence and comfort, but also increases productivity. In contradiction to earlier days, higher liabilities and an overall sense of responsibility have made employers take the safety of their employees more seriously.

They now aim to minimise work-related accidents, deaths and illnesses as much as possible and strive to do it every day. Occupational safety, health and welfare of people engaged in work increases overall production of the company. Thus, companies are increasingly looking to eliminate or minimize work-related deaths, either as a result of occupational accidents or illnesses.

This is where Allied Solutions come into the picture. With the rising demand of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) industry, quality control has become all the more important. Protective gear is being procured by employers in large numbers for ensuring a safe working environment and thus, maintaining work-standard. Our high-quality equipment is available for diverse industries at affordable prices and our offerings of yearly inspections and guarantees add to the industries’ sustainable practices improving employee productivity.