Minimising risk during all sorts of Search and Rescue Teams


Managing and minimising fatalities is an integral part of any search and rescue operation, especially one happening post a mishap or a disaster. Prevention, planning and preparedness (3 P’s) are the key ways to minimise impacts of any man-made/natural disaster and make an operation successful. While aiming to save other lives during their missions, S&R teams need to be absolutely certain about their own. The uncertain and risky nature of their work-operation needs to be tackled with specialised equipment and best-in-class training.

Allied solutions offer specialised equipment and training to response teams and equips them to stand strong against all odds. Our team of experts work day and night to deliver industry’s best to our rescue teams thus ensuring that all operations from rescue to rehabilitation are taken care of. We provide solutions to equip against all disasters – industrial, building collapse, river or mountain, fire, high tower, confined space etc.

Our specialised equipment kits namely the Rope Access Kit, Rescue Kit, Escape Kit, Emergency Kit and Difficult Access Kit equip the user against various challenges and provide immediate effectiveness. Global standards technological solutions such as Ski lift Evacuation, Versa Dock, Under Water Remote Operated Vehicle, and Vehicle Recovery are also provided to enhance the effectiveness of the operation and minimizing losses to the greatest extent possible.