Providing the first layer of protection to India’s brave hearts


Be it as border frontiers or as inland warriors, the military is faced with challenging scenarios every step of the way. Insurgency, terror threats , uncertain wars and operational threat are a few of the many challenges faced by our armed forces. Though their valor and courage can never be put under any parameter ever, even the country’s bravest need tactical assistance from time to time. Their confidence in their equipment needs to be unwavering as they enter life-challenging threats.

Allied Solutions is proud to be associated with the Indian armed forces and to be delivering the best-in class equipment and gears to them. Our deliverable to the Armed force ranges from Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to activity gears and much more.  personal protective equipment (PPE) and other safety gears.

Our gear not only ensures protection and functionality, but also enhancing the performance of Special Armed forces, Air Force Commandos, Naval Commandos, Police, Paramilitary and Training Centres for the Commandos.