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Blocmat TSD


The TRACTEL® blocmat™ TSD load arrester is
a safety device, designed to secure a load in the
event of a fall.
Never use a blocmat™ TSD load arrester to secure
people from falling

blocmat™ TSD, Self-Retracting Load Fall Arrest, is equipped with the new TSD system (Top System Dissipator) The TSD system guarantees a fall load of less than 650daN even if the load drops when the cable is fully unwound.

The main advantages of using the blocmat ™TSD, self-retracting load fall arrester are:

Integration of the TSD system at the top of the device. This eliminates the risk of a violent shock if the load drops when the cable is fully unwound.
A very good grip for transport and installation.
Simplified maintenance due to its optimized design


10 TSD, 18 TSD

Technical Specifications

• Plastic casings in ABS-filled polyamide, anti-UV very resistant to shocks and ageing.
• A stop mechanism equipped with a single pawl.
• A mechanism that does not require specific tools for the verification of safety devices.
• Small footprint.
• Good ergonomics that ensures a perfect grip.
• The body of the device equipped with the Tractel® TSD system.
• Two hooks with latch 1t