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A portable winch is one of the most essential equipment in and search and rescue mission. Able to carry and pull immense loads of weight, this equipment is a piece of wonder in itself. The brand which has named itself ‘The Original Portable Winch’ adding that much needed factor of authenticity, is widely popular in the world for its international standard winches and accessories.

Finding its application in everything ranging from Off-road vehicles to Aircraft Rescue, to Search &  Rescue and Theatres, these winches from The Portable Winch can carry up to a 100 kgs in a single line. When combined with pulleys, the force can be increased up to 5x its original carrying capacity. Easy to carry and with multiple power operations (battery, gas and electric) the brand offers simple and compact equipment to perform laborious tasks.

With aligned visions, Allied Safety Equipment Pvt. Ltd. is proud to have associated with an international brand such as Portable Winch Co., and make its products available in India.

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