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Providing industry professionals with specialized equipment is just the beginning of the process. Our equipment would be a waste until and unless the end-user is well-facilitated to use it. Our  professional training programs include mountaineering, working at a height, fireman self-evacuation and are conducted by experts with immense on-field experience. Their experiences and expertise combined make these training programs a must for all amateurs and professionals in the field. The main aim of these training programs is to ensure that the human resource is equipped and informed  to use the specialized equipment provided to them.

Rescue trainings are conducted for various methods of rescue such as Pickup Rescue, High Angle Rescue, Water Rescue, Fast Evacuation, Lifting and Handling, Rope Access, Fire Rescue, Building Intervention, and Room intervention.  

We also provide structured Modules for Training Centres and Rescue Centres to train Rescue teams, units and instructors thus, providing a one stop solution for professional and industrial safety and disaster rescue, Allied Solutions aims to build self-sufficient teams and individuals.