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A brand with its origin dating back to the WWII, La Sportiva is a footwear brand widely popular amongst mountaineers, skiing enthusiasts and climbers all around the world. Founded by Narciso Delladio in 1928, in Italy, the brand began by manufacturing boots and clogs for farmers and later moved on to providing Italian soldiers with custom mountaineering boots.

Apart from its product line, the brand is a stern believer in supporting adventure aficionados around the world and can be seen undertaking various initiatives for the cause. With ‘Innovation, with Passion’ at its heart, the brand thirst for expertise has reached to a level that after 93 years of its foundation, the brand is competing with no one but itself.

A name synonymous to adventure footwear, La Sportiva emergence on the global scenario is a delight for adventure buff all around the world. Presence of world-standard brands not only increases a candidate’s confidence but also reflects on his/her performance. Allied is honoured to be the official distributors of this brand in India as our visions (in terms of sustainable activities and encouragement of enthusiasts) align and that is all we could have asked for.

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