Since 1992, Sterling(USA) have been making the highest quality, most innovative static and dynamic rope and cord for decades. They were the first to offer a 48-carrier static sheath construction for greater durability and better handling. Their ropes and cords are seen on the most technical rescues, in the tallest trees, on remote missions as well as hazardous job sites and are there to get people home safely, day after day. Their products give customers the Freedom to Focus, regardless of whether they are working on rope, using rope for safety or rescue purposes, or climbing recreationally.

Ropes (Dynamic, Semi-Static, Static, Aramide, Technora, Kevlar, Floating, Glow, Fire Resistant) Cords, Webbings, Runners, Daisy Chains, Special Ropes, Sewn Cords, Lanyards, Prusik Cord.

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