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Experience a world where safety and adventure intertwine with Allied Safety Equipments Pvt Ltd, the sole distributor of Petzl in India. Our dedication lies in delivering top-of-the-line equipment for both industrial and thrilling adventure sports settings. Whether you’re conquering cliffs, embarking on audacious expeditions, trekking through untamed terrains, or involved in life-saving rescue missions, our extensive range of Petzl products is your ultimate solution. Join us on this exhilarating journey where safety and excitement go hand in hand, fueled by excellence and innovation.

Established in 2007 by a group of passionate and skilled mountaineers and enthusiasts, Allied aimed to elevate the standards of industrial safety and sports climbing in India to meet global benchmarks. Their vision was to introduce leading and superior brands to India’s vertical sector. Meeting the demands of professionals and climbers with dependable and top-quality equipment has always been a consistent challenge due to the inherent risks involved. Many individuals in the field have had to rely on inadequate and affordable equipment, compromising their safety. However, Allied was fortunate to forge a partnership with Petzl, the renowned brand known for manufacturing exceptional equipment in this domain.

One of the key distinguishing factors that sets Allied apart from its competitors is its expertise in Trainings & PPE Inspection Services. Specializing in authorized trainings and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) inspections certified by Petzl, Allied takes pride in providing comprehensive programs. Petzl’s internationally acclaimed training facility, “V.axess,” offers extensive training covering Rope Access, Work at Height equipment usage, rescue techniques, and PPE inspection. This exclusive facility is unmatched in the industry, as no other brand or manufacturer holds authorization to provide PPE inspection services of this caliber.


Mr. Bhushan Poshe

Managing Director

Mr. Bhushan Poshe, our Managing Director, has always been drawn to the allure of the outdoors, finding solace in the wonders of nature. With unwavering passion and dedication, he has embraced his calling, making it an integral part of his life.

Having graduated as a qualified Mechanical Engineer from Pune University in 1997, Mr. Poshe discovered his keen interest in designing, planning, and installing metallurgical furnaces. Over the years, he has successfully executed numerous projects related to metallurgical furnace installations in countries like Canada and China. His commitment to excellence and tireless efforts have been constants in his endeavors.

While his professional life thrived in the engineering field, Bhushan never lost sight of his love for the outdoors and adventure sports. Taking his interests to the next level, he founded Allied Safety Equipments, aiming to merge his passion and expertise onto a professional platform. His vision for Allied was to make outdoor activities and adventure sports in India more enjoyable, safe, and accessible to enthusiasts. Establishing the company allowed him to implement the highest safety standards for outdoor and adventure sports, while also extending the same level of safety measures to workplaces across India, ensuring accident-free environments.

The inspiration to introduce the world-renowned brand Petzl to India arose from his burning passion for climbing and adventure. However, he recognized that words alone would not suffice, and he committed to proper training. Undergoing rigorous training and obtaining certifications in ‘Work at Height,’ ‘Rope Access,’ ‘PPE Inspector,’ and ‘EXO Fire Rescue’ from Petzl International, France, exemplified his dedication to his cause.

Over the past decade, Bhushan has successfully introduced top-quality personal safety equipment into the Indian sports and workplace environments. His unwavering commitment to instilling the highest safety standards has led to a significant reduction in accidents, increased productivity, and a growing interest among youngsters in adventure sports and fearless participation in their daily work environments.

Allied Safety Equipments Pvt. Ltd. owes its dynamic, pragmatic, constructive, and optimistic approach to its visionary and passionate leader. Mr. Bhushan Poshe’s unwavering dedication and guidance have made him an invaluable asset, steering the brand towards a bright and successful future.

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