Tirsafe™ Wire Rope Temporary Lifeline


tirsafe™ is a temporary lifeline, easy and quick to install when there are two anchoring points offering sufficient support. It allows total freedom of horizontal movement.

  • The life line tirsaf™ kit is selling with a tirfor™ T3 , a tirsafe™, a wire rope 20m or 30m meter with a connector MR9 and 2
    slings of 2 meters.
    The tirsafe™ is a shock absorbing anchorage device, designed for attaching 8 mm wire rope lifelines.
    It performs three functions:
    Pretensioning indicator/shock absorber/fall indicator.
    It is simple and quick to fit, and can be used with a tirfor™ T3 tensioner fitted with a galvanised wire rope, minimum
    diameter 8 mm and maximum length 30 m.
    Once it has been fitted, the temporary lifeline equipped with the tirsafe™ can take 3 peoples of 150kg simultaneously

20 m, 30 m


Fall arrest, Framing & Roofing, Industry, Tractel

Technical Specifications

The tirsafe™ temporary lifeline includes :

– 1 anchoring point with tirsafe™ energy shock-absorber which ensures triple function of pre-tension indicator, energy shockabsorber indicator and fall indicator
– 1 tirfor® T3 cable winch
– 1 8.3 mm diameter, 20 metre long cable as standard
– 2 x 2 metre slings
– The tirsafe™ temporary lifeline guarantee the safety of 3 people. Standards EN 795 B and EN 795 C.
– Norm :
Conforms with standard EN 795/ 2012 – EAC TC 09/2011
Conforms with standard EAC TC 09/2011
Conforms with CEN/TS 16415:2017 (3×150 kg)

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