The roots of Lapis extend to the year 1991, when Aljoša Grom started carving his first climbing holds. It had also sparked the attention of Jaka Schlamberger, a successful entrepreneur who had first introduced Slovenia to some of skate and snowboard’s most successful brands. Today the brand carries over 2500 different climbing holds, a vast array of unique training accessories, climbing structures and the world renowned ‘Lapis™ Brush’. Testimony to the brand’s success is the fact that Lapis holds are used in the world’s best climbing gyms and sold in stores all over the world.
All Lapis™ Climbing holds are designed in accordance with safety standards: EN 12572-3 and EN 71-3.

Climbing Holds (Training Holds, Edges, Pockets, Sloopers, Alphabets, Volumes, Bouldering Sets, Pinches, Classic)

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