The tracpod 150kg is a temporary anchor point that makes it possible to secure two 150kg operators.
It can also be used as a lifting anchor point to lift a maximum load of 500 kg. It is
foldable and its size favors its transport in small construction vehicles. It is easy to handle.
The tracpod 150kg is intended for people who work in confined spaces, such as silos, sewers

Adjustable telescopic feet with pivoting sole plate. Easy to install without use of any tools.

Temporary anchor point complying with the requirements of the EN 795 B standard designed to receive:

  • Fall arresters complying with the requirements of the EN 360 standard
  • Rescue lifting devices per EN 1496 A or B class
  • Devices for working suspended on rope
  • Lifting anchor point complying with machinery standards 98/37/CE. Capacity 250 kg, with strap 500 kg.
    • Height: min. 1.78m | max. 2.73m
    • Width: min. 1.30m | max. 1.87m
    • Weight: 17 kg.
  • NORM
    ▪ Conform to the EN 795-B:2012
    ▪ Conform to the CEN/TS 16415
    ▪ Conform to the machine directive 2006/42/CEE

tracpode 150kg is easy to set up. Due to its size, it is well suited to use as a mobile anchor point for working in confined
spaces, handling loads and performing rescue operations.
It is a temporary anchor point which enables two operators, each weighing up to 150 kg, to work safely.
It complies with standard EN 795 (Type B) and TS16415 (multi-user, 150 kg)
It is the only tracpode 150 kg on the market which has been approved in this configuration
The design of the tubular legs ensures that the system is both strong and very stiff.
The adjustment pins of the extendible legs are attached permanently to the tubular sections by small cables to keep
all the components of the assembly together.
The Tractel® tracpode is one of the very few temporary anchor points to have been approved by a regulatory body as
a device to which Fall arrest, Rescue and Lifting systems can be connected.
It is certified for use as an anchor point for Fall arrest, Rescue and Lifting systems with a WLL of 250 kg with no
strap fitted, which greatly facilitates personnel movements around the tracpode.
Its small size (1.88 m with a pulley and 1.76 m without) and low weight (23 kg without pulleys) makes it easy to
transport and quick to set up.


Confined Space, Industry, Rescue, Rope Access, Tractel, Tripod

Technical Specifications

The main characteristics of tracpode 150 kg are:
▪ Made of aluminium
▪ Weight with no accessories: 23 kg.
▪ The maximum height under the head is adjustable from 1.78 m to 2.73 m.
▪ Depending on its height, the distance between any two feet varies from 1.03 to 1.58 m.
▪ The length of the legs can be extended in increments of 20 cm.
▪ Each leg can receive, via a Tractel® leg bracket, a blocfor™ R 20/30 fall-arrest system or a caRol™ R 250 or
a caRol™ TS 250 winch.
▪ To ensure that winching can be performed at an optimal height, there are three possible mounting locations
on the leg of the tracpode: top, middle and bottom.
▪ When a fall arrester or a caRol™ winch is fitted to one of the legs of the tracpode, a PPE pulley kit or a lifting
pulley kit must be fitted to the head.
▪ The head of the tracpode is fitted with three spacer bushes, one for each leg, that prevent the tracpode’s legs
from moving past their “open” position.
▪ The feet of the tracpode 150 kg are fitted with non-slip pads made of vulcanised rubber. Holes in these pads
can be used to secure the feet to the ground using fasteners or anchor bolts
▪ A strap can be fitted through the feet of the tracpode. This strap secures the base of the tracpode to prevent
the feet splaying out due to the forces generated by the weight (mandatory for loads above 250 kg)

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