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High-strength flexible protection for a fixed rope

With the help of its aramid construction, the PROTEC PLUS flexible protector is designed to protect a fixed rope from particularly abrasive surfaces or heat, when working at height or during rescue. Easy to install and versatile, PROTEC PLUS fits most rope diameters used by professionals, as well as anchor straps.

  • Flexible protection for fixed ropes, made with aramid to provide better strength and durability:
    – Three times more abrasion resistant than the standard PROTEC protector
    – Twice as resistant to sharp edges than the standard PROTEC protector
    – Protects the rope during short exposure to a heat source, such as a hot pipe (1)
    – Protects the rope if there is accidental exposure to a flame (2)
  • Easy to install:
    – Opening and closing is made easy with magnets that can be used with gloves
    – The clip offers a good grip, making it quick and easy to place on the rope
  • Versatile:
    – Can be used in both directions, with the clip at the top or at the bottom
    – Fits different rope diameters used by professionals
    – Can provide protection for an anchor strap like the CONNEXION(1) Maximum 5 minutes at 200° C.
    (2) Maximum 10 seconds at 650° C.
    Note: Details about tests carried out and results are available at Petzl.com

Caving, Climbing, Rock Climbing


Technical Specifications

Material(s): Aramid, nylon, aluminum
Weight: 135 g
Dimensions: 56 x 5 x 2,5 cm
Guarantee: 3 Years
Inner Pack Count: 1

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