Fireproof Hong Kong


Fireproof Hong Kong

Caution! The product is intended ONLY for professional stuntmen.

Stunt Vest - Unisex
Stunt Vest - Unisex
Stunt Vest - Unisex

Fire-resistant Hong Kong waist harness. Attachment points on the sides.
Reinforced Tracers stainless steel buckles on front and back for size adjustments. Adjustable to at least +- XNUMX size. On the front there is a fast-tightening buckle with an additional buckle to prevent loose webbing to have reliable fixation on the body, on the back – double back Tracers stainless steel buckle.

For this harness we use webbing made of high-tech aramid fibers made in Russia for the military industry, firefighting equipment and other special needs.
Harness melting point: 650 degrees Celsius. Materials after melting do not flare up, but fire dies out, without releasing hazardous substances.
Tensile load of the webbing is over 4kg.
Sewing threads: high strength aramid threads. Extra protection for stitches with Nomex flame-resistant aramid fabric.
The soft pads on the legs and the belt are made of heat-resistant and tear-resistant silicone that has reinforcing layer.

Application: complex stunts combining burning with flying, aerial acrobatics, fights etc.




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