Individual evacuation system with EASHOOK OPEN carabiner

EXO EASHOOK OPEN is an individual evacuation system, with the easy-handling EASHOOK OPEN carabiner. It has a self-braking system for quickly giving slack, controlling and stopping a descent, and limiting the force transmitted to the user in the event of a fall. The open directional point serves as a rope guide during descent, while allowing the rope to be removed to facilitate short rope ascents. EXO EASHOOK OPEN also includes a rope that resists wear and high temperatures, an Am’D connector with CAPTIV positioning bar, and a bag for transporting and attaching the system directly to the harness. Other rope lengths are available by special order.

  • EASHOOK OPEN anchor carabiner is easy to manipulate
  • Self-braking system for:
    – giving slack quickly
    – controlling and stopping a descent
    – limiting the force transmitted to the user in the event of a fall
  • Aramid fiber static rope, 15 m length and 7.5 mm diameter, resists abrasion and high temperatures
  • Open directional point for:
    – guiding the rope during a descent
    – freeing the rope to facilitate short rope ascents (by adding a TIBLOC rope clamp and a FOOTAPE foot loop)
  • Fire-resistant carry bag to attach the system directly to the harness
  • Am’D connector with CAPTIV positioning bar to favor keeping the connector in the right position and integrated with the device
  • Different rope lengths available by special order

Building Rescue, Flood Rescue, Individual evacuation system, Intervention, Military, Rescue, Technical Rescue


Technical Specifications

Working load limit: 140 kg
Material(s): aramid, aluminum, stainless steel, nylon
Weight: 1220 g
Certification(s): EN 341 type D
Length: 15m
Guarantee: 3 Years
Inner pack count: 1