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blocfor™ 20R ESD G 150kg


The blocfor™ 20 R 150kg with End System Dissipator (ESD) system ensures the user with an impact of less than
600 daN even with a fall where the cable has been completely unwound. The ESD system protects the cable against
the risks of rupture or failure which can be caused by the sharp edges found on terrace roofs.
blocfor™ 20 R is equipped of safety winch EN 1496.
They can be fixed on the trapcode 150 kg with a specifically tractel®

The main advantages of the blocfor™ 20 R ESD automatic fall arresters are:
– The integration of the ESD system at the end of the wire rope eliminates the risk of a violent impact in the event
of a fall. Even when a fall occurs when the cable is fully unwound
– Easy to handle carry and install
– Simplified maintenance through an optimized design
– Safety winch with a capacity of 150 kg

A 25mm anchorage

  • Can accommodate large-diameter connectors.

Integrate winch

  • Automatic fall protection device with integrated winch for ascending or decending during a possible rescue operation.


  • Plastic housing made of a polyamide/ABS blend.
  • Anti-UV, very resistant to shocks and ageing.

Shock-absorption system ESD

  • With traceability label.
  • Fall indicator.
  • Ensures that the user will not be subjected to an impact of more than 600 daN even if the fall occurs when the cable is fully
  • Enables horizontal use.
  • Only available in galvanised rope.

blocforTM R 150kg can be used vertically or horizontally (on terraces), with edges down to a minimum radius of
0.5mm without lanyard between the cable and the harness.
It complies with :
– EN360 & EN1496B standard
– CNB/P/11.060 : technical data sheet “use on terrace roof”
– CNB/P/11.062 : Fall arrest with a capacity of more than 100 kg


Block Fall Arrester, Confined Space, Fall arrest, Industry, Rescue, Tractel, Tripod

Technical Specifications

Plastic casing made of polyamide / ABS blend, anti-UV, highly resistant to shocks and ageing.
– A locking mechanism equipped with a double pawl reduces the pawl engage time in the toothed wheel of the
– Compact size.
– Optimised ergonomics for easy grasping and handling.
– An device anchor point designed to receive large diameter connectors
– A cable equipped with the Tractel®‘s ESD system which doubles as a fall indicator
– Height: 900mm
– Length: 276mm
– Thickness: 118
– Weight: 7.6kg