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Tempo 2 – Temporary Lifeline


Tempo 2 is a temporary lifeline, easy and quick to install when there
are two anchoring points offering sufficient resistance.

Lightweight, it allows total freedom of horizontal movement.

The tempo 2 lifeline can be installed on the ridge tiling of a roof or onto a metal structure.

  • The Tempo 2 lifeline is a provisional, transportable horizontal
    lifeline complying with the requirements of standard EN 795.
    It has also been qualified for use by 2 persons. The lifeline is
    adjustable from 5 m to 20 m. The end anchor points must have
    a minimum tensile strength of 28 kN.
    This equipment must be used with a fall-arrest system complying
    with the requirements of EN 363.
    This equipment is suitable for use on an open-air worksite and or
    temperatures ranging from -35°C to +60°C.
    The Tempo 2 lifeline comprises the following components:
    • An anchor line, length 18 m, made of polyester webbing with
    dimensions 35 x 2, certified by TRACTEL® (L).
    • A Tempo 2 tensioner, ratchet type, made of zinc-plated steel
    • An anchor strap, length 1 m.
    • A strap with dimensions 50 x 4 made of polyester webbing,
    certified by TRACTEL® (S).
    • 2 connectors placed on one side of the line, on the stitched loop
    of the anchor line (L) and on the other side, on the stitched loop
    of the anchor strap (S).
    • Two rings for straps AS30S, length 1.5 m.
    • One carrying bag

Fall arrest, Framing & Roofing, Industry, Tactical

Technical Specifications

– Synthetic fibre webbing straps, adjustable from 5 to 20 m.
– Can be used by 2 people.
– 7 metres clearance.
– Conforms to standards EN795 : 2012 & TS 16415 : 2013
– Supplied with 2 AS30S webbing strap rings, 2 MR9 connectors and a shoulder bag
– Anchor device, temporary and transportable, using a flexible anchor line, made of:
– An adjustable webbing lanyard, width 50mm, length 18m, passing through an adjuster device 078542-01, in zinc platted steel, with on each end a sewn buckle.
– A fixe webbing lanyard, length 2m, width 43mm, with on one end a sewn buckle, on the other end a sewn buckle equipped with the adjuster.
– At each end a connector, MR9
– At each end, an anchor device in polyester sewn webbing, AS30S, width 30mm, available length 1m, 1.5m or 2m.
– Bag, 10542 Single span, minimum 5m and maximum 20m. –
– Can be used: in floor, wall and ceiling position, with or without AS30S, to use dual position around structure (detailed description in EU type examination report 18.0727).
– Equipment also tested according to the Technical –
– Specification sheet CEN/TS
– 16415:2013, for use by 2 people.